Updated: Sep 17

The whole story of Upmote is full of adventure.

The start-up was founded in January 2021. It is now September of the same year. So much has happened in the meantime and, as for any startup, it has been challenging, exciting, nerve-racking and wonderful.

A lot of discussions. Long periods of reflection and sometimes even doubts. Many unanswered questions.

But guess what ? We persevered and... The app is finally out !

Still inspired by the four pillars of mental health mentioned in our last article, we are now honoured to grow the team with two amazing psychologists.

In addition, we created a continuously-growing web of researchers and experts in the field of mental health, to make sure we provide the best product we possibly can. Their feedback helped us decide on the inclusion of new features:

- a list of carefully selected therapists

- evidence-based documentation

- scientific questionnaires provided during our Workshops* and always available afterwards to observe the evolution and well-being of the individual

- a toolbox that every individual can use whenever he/she needs it, at home, at work, or anywhere!

- numerous customised modules

- statistics showing the dynamics of the whole company, while preserving the anonymity of the individual

We are also launching our social media feed. You will find a bi-weekly post on the website, and very often new posts with tips, announcements, research news, demos and presentations of the team and collaborators on Facebook, on Instagram and on our Linkedin page. Feel free to follow us or contact us and start this new experience with us !

* Our workshops are always in collaboration with experienced (therapists and/or researchers) people in the field. They either check our work, give the workshop themselves and/or advise us in the direction to take.

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